Monday, August 10, 2015

Ghost whisperer: Much more than just supernatural phenomenons

You often second guess yourself with superficial ghost shows, and I don’t blame you. It’s true. There are very few soulful TV shows out there that have touched millions and Ghost Whisperer is that one exception.

Although the series ended its run in 2010 with five seasons, the show has really moved me as a viewer. I caught sight of this gem a few weeks ago on Google, and I’m inclined to say, I have no regrets! I wanted to give supernatural-ghost-spirit kind of shows a chance and Ghost Whisperer was my first preference.

The minute you think about ghostly spirits, you form this clichéd image in your head, perhaps a bloody Mary figure in the mirror or the oh-so-predictable ghost-victim scenes. That is what I thought when I first heard about this show. The title itself said so much, but in the end, the show proved me wrong. It goes way beyond the stereotypical beliefs we often perpetuate about ghosts and spirits.

The show stars the Golden Globe Award nominee Jennifer Love Hewitt, who by the way, is a great actress in my humble opinion. She stars as Melinda Gordon, a newlywed woman who has the ability to communicate with earthbound spirits; those who have certain things to accomplish before crossing over to the other side of the world.

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There were many episodes of the show that were heartwarming considering that the show’s protagonist, Melinda, could not only communicate but also empathise with the dead. Some of the episodes would certainly remind you of your loved ones who were once a part of your life, that is one dense aspect portrayed in Ghost Whisperer and many TV shows are yet to take inspiration from it.

The show generated a huge fan base throughout its five-year run on television (2005-2010). I, for one, would strongly recommend this show as it has more drama than horror. Initially, I assumed Ghost Whisperer would be about supernatural phenomenon but it is more than that.

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It explores the world of the dead and allows us to relate to them in some ways. We can re-imagine our lives and think for a second, what it would feel like to be dead and still be a part of the world.

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Moreover, the series has also depicted a strong husband-wife relationship that is not restricted to compromise but love, understanding, and hope. Sadly, all these important features are hardly shown on television, especially in Pakistani dramas where the center of attention is a hopeless marriage or divorce. Aren’t these the things we shouldn’t be showing to the audience? It only motivates them to commit these kinds of horrors, thanks to our dramas.

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In this regard, American TV shows are better off, at least the writers have the courtesy of portraying happily married couples for once.

All in all, Ghost Whisperer might not be the best show, but it is certainly decent and worth your time. So go ahead and download/purchase the first season of Ghost Whisperer.

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