Monday, August 10, 2015

10 reactions students have before the CIE results, explained through Disney

It is that time of the year again, when the world is about to come crashing down and you would rather go into hibernation than face the inevitable. No, I am not talking about the apocalypse. I am focusing on something much worse – the CIE results.

This year, the fated day befalls on August 11th, and for all O’ and A’ level students who appeared for the May/June 2015 exams, the countdown has already begun.

Since I have gone through the same countdown during my time, I can empathise with a lot of students who will face the kraken tomorrow. And in order to make everyone else realise exactly what a student goes through during their final hours before the results, here is a list of reactions explained through Disney for better understanding.

Because let’s face it – anything seems good when explained via Disney.

1. Hypersensitivity – to any and all things that remind them of doomsday… I mean, result day.

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2. Despair – while thinking about what tomorrow holds.

Photo: Viral gifs

3. Outrage – over how stupid this entire education system is, as a two-hour long test should not judge a student’s intelligence.

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4. Calmness – because whatever’s done, is done; no need to fret over it!

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5. Calculated optimism – because some of the paper went pretty well and a good grade might be a reality.

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6. Fear – over seeing a lingering ‘U’, ‘E’ or ‘D’ round the corner.

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7. Indifference – because the papers went badly and you couldn’t care less.

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8. Confidence – because you know that you are getting straight A’s.

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9. Fake modesty – because you know you will get straight A’s but why show it?

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10. Acceptance – because results are just a small phase of life, and this too shall pass.

So for all the students awaiting their CIE results, good luck! And don’t worry, you will all do great.

from The Express Tribune Blog

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