Thursday, February 25, 2016

PSL: A cricket dream that came true

You can argue whether Islamabad United were worthy winners of the competition based on their overall performance, the format of Pakistan Super League (PSL) or your personal affinities but there is no denying that (PSL) has been undeniably a resounding success. All the ‘cricket analysts’ claiming PSL was a failure before it even started must be eating a lot of humble pie right now.

It also proved that claims by the older players that there was not enough younger talent coming through were false. About time some of them consider retirement!

The best in my opinion being Mohammad Nawaz.

So much so that Imran Khan even softened his stance on Nawazs in general.

Also Sharjeel Khan should definitely be in our T20 World Cup squad. Look at the amount of chances Ahmad Shahzad received to prove himself in T20s and look at Sharjeel Khan’s records. Ahmad Shahzad has finally been dropped in T20s, Sharjeel Khan should now get a run.

There was so much young talent on display that Ramiz Raja struggled to remember all of their names.

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