Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Will a person lacking creativity lose the show for not being a thinker?

The world is changing very fast. If we reflect on our past and compare it with our present, everything has changed. I think this transformation has been shaped and restructured through creativity that exists around us.

The world is restructuring rapidly, and to remain in this race, one should create his/her own distinctive identity. Being creative is the only requirement to thrive in today’s world. However, the question that remains is, what will a person, lacking creativity, do to make themselves compatible in this world? Will they simply lose the show for not being a thinker?

No – creativity is a learned skill!

Edward Debono once said,

“Creativity is a huge deficiency in our thinking habits.”

The human brain is not designed to be creative, it is designed to set and follow routine patterns. This is what makes life practical and possible. During our lifetime, we often add and delete certain amounts of information – when we encounter new information, it is added to what we already know and that’s when we restructure the previously held information, which later shapes up as refined and structured information; the perfect explanation of creativity.

Moving on to the most important question – why is creativity always regarded as an inborn talent rather than being referred to as a learned skill? Answering this question, I would state that I’m not talking about artistic skills here; instead, I’m covering creative thoughts and ideas. So, is it a learned skill? Can we search for, nurture and encourage that talent?

According to the survey conducted by Harvard University, “creativity is 85 per cent learnt”, and if creative thoughts are a skill, then one can learn, practice and apply this skill. Like all the other skills, one can acquire a usable level of creativity as well. Some people will be better at this than others.

In a nutshell, creativity is something that can be learnt. The exhortation has some value but not as much as the creative skills one is bestowed with; either through learning or inborn.  Moreover, just telling people to be creative is not enough, creating an environment where imaginative ideas can be generated is equally important. Hence, creativity is a usable and a deliberate skill – it is no longer just waiting for ideas to pop up.

from The Express Tribune Blog http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/31009/will-a-person-lacking-creativity-lose-the-show-for-not-being-a-thinker/

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