Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Stacy’s Winter Experience In Stehekin

So, the holidays were here, my family is back east, and while I couldn’t get back there this year, I wanted to get away with my boyfriend and have a long weekend filled with A) snow, B) more snow, C) stars, and D)…snow.

We decided to go to the end of the world. It wasn’t too far away, really. It’s called Stehekin.

We got to Chelan Friday night, settled into our room, and had a super romantic dinner at Sorrento’s in Chelan.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my boyfriend, but I LOVE good Italian.

Saturday morning, we took the Lady Of The Lake all the way up Lake Chelan (all 55 miles).  You can take a faster boat that gets you there in a couple hours, but it was snowing hard and we thought it would be so pretty if we took the scenic, slower trip up.  We arrived around noon.  So. Gorgeous.  When we got there, I realized I left my snowshoes in the trunk! Disaster averted, though…they had some for rental there.  Speaking of rentals, we decided to splurge for a cabin up there, although I’ve stayed in the cozy North Cascades Lodge before, and those do the trick too.

Since we knew we had a kitchen, we brought our groceries up we bought in town the night before, cooked an amazing dinner, and watched the last flakes fall outside our window.

That night, the snow stopped, the skies cleared up, and THOSE STARS.  I’ve never seen so many of them in my life.  Ever. I think less than 100 people even live in the town, so you really do feel like you’re at the end of the world. You think you know quiet? You need to stand outside on a couple feet of freshly fallen snow with not a soul anywhere around you and the moon above, with civilization miles and miles and miles away. That’s quiet.  And standing there, I realized I gave myself the biggest gift of all this year: I could finally actually hear myself think.

Sunday we spent the morning at the Stehekin Bakery (try the croissants and cinnamon rolls, best you’ll ever have) and all day snowshoeing, having snowball fights, warming up back in the cabin, and doing it all over again.  Monday we took the early boat back to Chelan, and were back in the real world by that evening.

Best three-day weekend ever. I close my eyes, and I’m still there.


from Lake Chelan http://www.lakechelan.com/2015/11/stacy-on-chelan-experience/

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