Thursday, December 31, 2015

11 Pakistani WTH moments from 2015

1. The one-of-a-kind fashion show

At the top of the list, it has to be the one-of-a-kind fashion show that took place at cow mandi, Lahore. ‘Qurban hojana’ took a literal turn when models took to the ramp. Ok, perhaps, there was no ramp but rather sand and a little mud with questionable manure thrown about here and there as decor. This was when both fully accessorised women and cattle walked together, limb to limb accentuating their… I actually don’t know what. 

2. Corporate Trolling

An ad with a sprawled Nargis Fakhri appeared on the front page of an Urdu newspaper. Some hated it, few were shocked, while others spent their whole time licking the newspaper page that whole week. The turn was when Faisal Qureshi appeared in the exact pose (though a tad bit challenged in the gluts area) on the same paper and the term ‘Corporate Trolling’ was introduced. Rumors are that Nargis has been calling up Faisal to learn how to pose in a way where people don’t objectify her and pay attention just to the product she is selling.

3. The now infamous Sapphire Lawn sale.

No guard, no Ranger, no tank, no drone, no one could have stopped those determined ladies from acquiring what they had come for. Even the Taliban touched their ears to do “Tauba” saying,

“These ladies are too vicious even for us. Malala hi achi thi bhai.”

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