Thursday, July 30, 2015

To Fakhra Yunus and Noman – With love, from Tehmina Durrani

Strange are the ways of God,

Strange is the help He provides,

I love you to the moon and beyond,

There aren’t many places to hide!

The sky above heads be a witness,

When helpless were helped by a helpless,

The amount of effort that it took me,

How shall I put in words? I feel restless!

The shadow over Napier road, Karachi,

Of a once-scarred moon needing justice,

Will bring back the grace and enlighten,

This painful dichotomy of success!

This too shall pass and so quickly

I recall, I took you to Italy,

Five years young and your mother,

Recovering from hell and so swiftly.

In 12 years with 39 surgeries,

A breadwinner with burnt-flesh hungry,

By lack of equality in our system,

Then gave up on life and her country!

For graduating from a school in Rome,

To being a brand ambassador back home

Your late mother and a secret benefactor,

Are happy that so neatly you’ve grown!

So settle dust and try leaving footprints,

At junior soccer team and take your chances,

But never leave your roots; God will help you,

In all walks of life and circumstances!

For strange are the ways of God,

And strange is the help He provides

I love you to the moon and beyond

There aren’t many places to hide!

from The Express Tribune Blog

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