Saturday, July 18, 2015

Let this Eid be our wake up call

As I walk down memory lane,

Pondering what once was and is now,

It breaks my heart to admit the change,

How we’re cold towards matters,

We once cared about.

While many lost their lives to the ruthless heat,

We were debating on subjects which don’t concern us,

Whether to ‘celebrate’ a bill passed in another nation,

Did we condemn the Safoora attack enough?

As a nation we have lost our innocence,

Who are we? We don’t know.

As Eid approaches us,

In all honesty, did we do justice,

This Ramazan, I don’t think so.

This Eid can be our saviour,

Let’s not ‘take’ and only give,

Let’s open our eyes,

And protect our realm.

Let’s end our indifference,

And sympathise,

It’s about time we improve ourselves,

And not criticise.

Let’s awake our morals,

Regain our sanity,

Make our reality so sweet,

That we no longer need to dream.

Let this Eid be our wake up call,

To find our misplaced humanity,

That aside, rebuild an identity,

That is now lost.

from The Express Tribune Blog

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