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A Triathlon for Everyone

Biking, Swimming, & Running Around Lake Chelan

You don’t have to be an Olympian to train here, but this area sure can make you feel like one. Get all the exercise you’d ever want and more while enjoying the beautiful area that surrounds Lake Chelan. Whether you’re looking to cover dozens of miles in a grueling gauntlet to truly test endurance, or a more enjoyable day of multisport exercise, find it all in Chelan, Manson, and Stehekin. From scenic highway loops, to waterfront greenways and off-road mountain trails to sandy beaches with calm water, Lake Chelan is the perfect place to get all your outdoor exercise.

Below is a list of some of our favorite places around Lake Chelan that are perfect for cycling, swimming, and/or running so you can create your own adventure!

Lakeside Park on Lake ChelanLakeside Park

One of the best spots to swim, Lakeside Park is located 2 mile west of downtown Chelan on the south shore of Lake Chelan along Highway 97A.

The park offers east and west side beaches allowing for crossings at varied lengths, as well as 17,500 square feet of sandy beach and swimming areas.

RIverwalk Loop in Lake ChelanRiverwalk Park Loop Trail

This is a one-mile pathway that loops between the two bridges that span the Chelan River, located in historic downtown Chelan.

Biking and running permitted, and there are shaded benches along the trail, should you choose to take a rest.

South Lakeshore Rd (Hwy 971)

Park in historic downtown Chelan and run or pedal west alongside Lake Chelan on this mostly flat road with a few moderate hills. Enjoy amazing views of the 50.5 mile long glacial-fed lake that is 1.5 miles at it’s widest and 1541 feet at it’s deepest.

Echo Ridge

The Echo Ridge Trail System contains over 20 miles of trails intertwined with dirt roads. There are wide, easy trails suitable for all ages, and highly technical single track trails for the more adventurous biker or trail runner. Travel over open ridge tops through a young, emerging forest recovering from a 1968 wildfire and enjoy amazing views of the lake and Chelan below.

Echo Ridge Trails

Lake Chelan State Park

If you’re looking for something a little more remote and adventurous, check out the Little Bear Trail at Lake Chelan State Park. This 2.3 mile loop hiking trail is located in a previously closed portion of the park. The trail begins in the campgrounds, travels to the underground highway crossing and then up into the forest overlooking Lake Chelan. The Lake Chelan State Park Trail runs along the water’s edge through the 127-acre park with 6,000 feet of waterfront. Trail runners, eat your heart out.

Manson Scenic Loop in Lake ChelanManson Scenic Loop

Bust out the bicycle or lace up those shoes for this 15 mile scenic roadway loop in Manson located on the north shore of Lake Chelan. Travel alongside the lake, past orchards and vineyards, and between several side lakes including the largest, Wapato Lake. There are several parks with sandy beaches where you can take a dip to cool off before continuing your trek. The loop is mostly flat with a few moderate hills. Follow Manson Blvd, to Summit Blvd, to Loop Ave, to Wapato Lake Rd, and back to Manson Blvd.

Willow Point Park on Lake ChelanWillow Point Park

Located along Manson Blvd on the Manson Scenic Loop, this park is situated on a point jutting out into Lake Chelan. The park has a waterfront beach with a protected swimming area and grassy areas to relax and take in the fresh air and gorgeous views.

Swim your laps, practice your strokes, and enjoy the glacial-fed waters of Lake Chelan.

Hiking and Biking in Stehekin on Lake ChelanStehekin

If you want to escape cars and traffic altogether, make your way by boat or seaplane to the remote village of Stehekin nestled on the far northwestern end of Lake Chelan. Here, you’ll find plenty of forest, mountains, and lake shore to meet all your biking, swimming, and trail running desires. Check with the North Cascades Visitors Center (360.854.7365 ext 14) for area conditions.


If you’re looking for a real triathlon competition, check out the ChelanMan event that occurs every June. Started in 2007, this annual event includes races for every level of activity from a Half Ironman and Olympic Triathlon, to a Youth Triathlon and a Splash-N-Dash.

ChelanMan Triathlon in Lake Chelan

No matter where you’re staying in the Lake Chelan area, you’ll find a plethora of opportunities to get out your bike, put on that bathing suit, and tie up those shoestrings in preparation for what will surely be one of the most rewarding fitness-focused days of your life. Plan your next adventure

from Lake Chelan

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